Training & Apprenticeships

Whether you are looking to improve the skills of existing employees or hire new talent, we can help you analyse your training and recruitment needs and offer the most appropriate apprenticeships to meet them. Once that’s decided, we also provide a free apprenticeship matching service to help you find the right candidate.

Don’t Miss Out on the Funding Changes!

In April 2017 Apprenticeship funding changed in England for all employers.

If you’re a large employer, you’ll be paying the new Apprenticeship levy – which is collected via PAYE.

If your wage bill is below £3m you won’t pay the levy, but there are changes to the way apprenticeships are funded that will positively affect you too. The government will pay 90% of the cost of training irrespective of the age of the candidate – you will pay the remaining 10%.

And if you have less than 50 employees and you recruit a 16 to 18  year old apprentice not only do you pay nothing for their training, but you receive a £1000 incentive payment towards their costs.

We’re the Perfect Partner

Whether you’re a levy payer or not, our team can help you understand and make the most of the changes taking place so you don’t miss out on the opportunities they present.

We can:

  • Provide free support and guidance
  • Help you identify a suitable training programme, agree a job description and advertise the post
  • Assess candidates for suitability
  • Offer training and support for both your existing staff and new recruits

We have welcomed more than 1500 apprentices over the last 12 months onto a range of programmes and work with more than 1000 employers from individual businesses to multi-national organisations.

Our Apprenticeships

We run apprenticeships in top employment sectors like health and care, medicine and life sciences, dental nursing and childcare, facilities services, business, management, IT and accountancy, engineering and construction, catering, professional cookery and hospitality, motorcycle engineering and many more….

Our apprenticeships are available at a range of levels to suit your training and business needs – from level 2 to higher and degree level – and if we don’t
have what you are looking for, we can work together to develop further programmes

Help with Recruitment

We can help you find your apprentice through our free recruitment service. We will promote and advertise your vacancy, screen applicants and send you the selected CVs that best match your vacancy requirements.

Our mix of internships, work placements and employer fairs will give you access to a large and talented pool of work-ready students. We’ll be running apprenticeship recruitment fairs where you can meet some of our completing students. That way you get the very best.